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Till Debt Do Us Part…Divorce, Retirement and Debt

According to new research from Prudential, divorcees planning to retire this year can expect annual retirement income of up to 16 per cent lower than those who have never divorced. In real terms that means expected annual retirement income is £16,300 for those who have divorced, compared with £19,400 for those who have never suffered [...]

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The Party manifestos and Brexit

The political party manifestos for the 2017 General Election have been published and they offer rather different positions regarding Brexit.  The Conservative and Unionist Party - (unlike 2015, they use their full title in the manifesto) - seeks a "deep and special partnership" with the EU but also states starkly that "no deal is better [...]

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The (elusive) decision to leave the EU

Referendum: The EU Referendum was held on 23rd June 2017 and resulted in a majority of the British people voting 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the EU - see BBC News 24th June and also HERE for further analysis of the referendum. The European Union Referendum Act 2015 provided for the referendum to be held [...]

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